Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tide vs Trojans

It's been a long offseason, but Alabama football is back!! (have I mentioned how much I LOVE Nick Saban?) I will admit, I was worried because a lot of key players from last year are gone, but one must have faith in one's coach- because Nick Saban.  Honestly the Tide played sloppy. Very sloppy.  Saban started Barnett, I think he let his nerves get to him on the big stage, then put in Jalen Hurts, who screwed up his first play and I banged my head.  But he played well - think Saban has his starter. 

One of the reason's I love Saban is I'm a lot like him - yes, we won 52-6, but we played sloppy, very sloppy.  If the team doesn't get it together they aren't going to win another championship.  They are lucky USC played sloppier.

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