Monday, April 26, 2010

Swap Knitting

As promised, all three of my swappers received their packages today so I can show you what I sent.  First of Daniela really went all out when I was the member of the month in the dancing dishcloth swap, so I wanted to send her a really special package:

dancing dishcloth

In addition to her square, I sent a co-ordinating skein of yarn, some flying sheep stitch markers, some bamboo yarn, a jersey girl chocolate bar, and a half a pound of coffee from my favorite knitting meet up.

Then I was in a square and seed swap.  My swappee had mentioned bears and deer were a problem, and she really wanted to grow some herbs:
 square n seed swap

So I sent  2 herb growing kits - complete with container,  gloves, a garden themed pad set, a clay earthworm that changes color when it's time to water, a watering can pick, more coffee and chocolate.

FInally I was in a hockey fan swap with a fan who rooted for 5 different teams!  So I made her mitts that she can mix and match to get the team colors of the team she was rooting for that day ( after I mailed it I was slightly worried she might not see that as funny but see it as stupid)

hockey swap

She had listed her fav yarn colors as green/blue,autumn colors - this yarn is predominantly blue and green and is called autumn!  She doesn't drink coffee or tea (gasp) so I sent a penguins water bottle ( they are one of her teams)  she likes chocolate covered pretzels, so I sent her 3 from Gertrude hawk, penguin pencils and because she listed crosby as one of her fav players - a crosby card & penguin zamboni.

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  1. Wow! You are a wonderful swap partner. I love the tulip design; your knitting really shows it off nicely.

  2. You are a great swap partner. The square and seed swap is that swap in ravelry?


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