Sunday, April 18, 2010

Waiting - impatiently for warmth

We  had a few really warm days a week ago.  It really switched my brain over to my plants.  I bought a patio tomato plant.  She was just so pretty sitting there.  But as it was only 38 degrees last night a little too cold to put her out on the balcony, so she is currently making a home on my window sill.   I'm going to have to repot her this week so she doesn't get rootbound.  Then if it doesn't warm up, she'll have to live in front of the sliding doors.  It's not as sunny there though.  But I should be able to put her outside during the day.  The problem with that plan is that I leave for work at 330 am.  And the two sleepy heads I live with are bad at remembering things like that.

This weekend, when Curt and I went up to Ledgewood ( Ledgewood Farms - a year round produce store - took over the store next to them, and added an amazing fresh - very fresh, fish market and sushi counter)  we stopped at Dering Nursery.  And I couldn't resist some color.  So I bought:
The yellow will be the tallest, the orange daisy will be kind of short and the orange that isn't quite open yet is a trailing plant.  They will all bloom all summer long until the frost, so they make great plants for my front steps.  Here they are all planted in their urn:
 I also bought a variegated Jacob's Ladder for the front garden.  It will have flowers, but I don't know exactly what they'll look like:
I like the leaves though, and it is such a happy looking plant.  It's a perennial so it will be back next year as well.  I like perennials, because they keep coming back,  the ones I've purchased are good for partial shade, since my front garden faces west with the building blocking the morning sun, and the steps blocking some of the afternoon sun as well.  It's a small area, dominated by a tall out of control rosebush, and I only put a few punches of annual color.  Here's how it looked this afternoon. The daffodils are done and the tulips are just barely starting to open. ( I have the double petaled tulips with bloom a bit later - but the pink ones are called Angelique, so how could I NOT have them?)  The hostas are starting to poke up, the mums- which I decided to leave in last fall are about a half inch tall, the montauk daisy (fall bloomer) is already almost as tall as the plant I put in last fall, so this fall it will be huge!



  1. Those are beautiful my friend. I love this and can't wait to watch it grow and see your garden. Love it. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  2. I love the flowers. I brought a better bush and patio tomato on thursday. I came home and planted one of one the patio and a sweet 100. Since thursday was earth day.


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