Monday, August 9, 2010

It's too freakin hot!!

FFirst I would like to say that you really don't hear me complain about the weather too often.  ( WELL IF THEY HAD CALLED THE RACE AND HORNISH HAD WON YOU WOULD'VE HEARD ME BITCH ABOUT RAIN)  But seriously the last time you heard me complain was in December when two times we were in that mysterious hole in the radar and thus got no snow when everyone else got over a foot of the wonderful stuff!  Even the last wave of heat we had 2 weeks ago brought about no complaints (except for Carl's trailer being like 200 degrees) because after all it is summer and I guess the electric company has to make money too.

But seriously another freakin heat wave?  And this time it is more humid than the first??  I feel like I must have died and reached some level of the inferno that even Dante could not imagine!

Yes folks this is not as one would assume a scene out of a video game ( really great game btw)  but the view out of my front door.  ( Sorry Moe, couldn't make it in today, my tires melted!) People walking about with the flesh melting from their bones...

Then as if this heat isn't bad enough, my fantasies of summering in Alaska, me the snowcaps, the bears high temps in the 70's...
Hanging with the hotties on Deadliest Catch ( Sorry Gracie I had to add that one!)  were forever dashed today, when I learned that Alaska has the biggest and most aggressive mosquitoes anywhere!  And they grow up to 2 inches long.  They have a short season so they are far more aggressive than the mosquitoes in the lower 48.  So Alaska will have to remain a fantasy ski destination in the winter instead!

Stay cool everyone!


  1. withering here too!!!! Mosquitos don't bite me, so I'll head to Alaska and get Sig to buy me a nice drink!!!

  2. I remember the mystery hole. You poor things back East. How horrible. Alaska sounds great. I would just take plenty of Off. There again I'd probably poison myself so I like you would just have to wait. Never a dull moment.

  3. Weather can be so strange. Here is only 79 degrees today in the Southern California dessert in August at noon. I think this is the coolest summers I remember. Maybe our weather will move east soon.

  4. I hear mosquitoes are Alaska's state bird.


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