Monday, August 30, 2010

NO not Angie yet...


I have a ton of peppers!  Thank goodness I only have one of each plant.  I am already re-thinkin next year and what is getting booted for other options next year.  I think  I have my tomatillo problems solved.  The fruit is staying on the plants and getting bigger.  We'll see if I have more than one ripen.  Now what to do with one cherry tomatillo???

verdes puebla tomatillo & hades hot
Pueblo verdes tomatillo (one) and hades hot pepper

Onza rojas chile
Onza rojas

orange blossom

bouquet chile
bouquet chile

pequin large black
pequin black

McDonalds orange grove
McDonalds orange grove (tabasco peppers)

Australian Lanterns
Australian lanterns

solar flare
Solar Flare

Cubanelles - not hot - Italian frying peppers

what might have been the perfect Poblano...

2 of my pickled peppers (sorry not a peck... how much is a peck anyway?)

You Are a Full-time Foodie

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You're probably at least a decent cook, and you have a very sophisticated palette.

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  1. How cool are these. The woman with the golden touch. :) what a variety you have. I'm a full time foodie as well.

  2. Oh - I miss tomatillo's! I used to grow them in my garden and made an amazing enchilada sauce from them. Yum!!!


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