Tuesday, August 10, 2010


First, here's a picture of dinner.  Homemade grilled flatbread pizza with baby portabellas, purple and cubanelle peppers from the garden, hawaiian sweet onions, of course garlic and 4 cheeses.


Second I realized I never shared my Creepy Cute spring/summer color swap.  Mine came all the way from Australia!!  Many thanks to Kattie!!


An Amazon, with the extra yarn to make her a boyfriend/love slave with.  Really cool earrings, and she made me a beaded bookmark!!  Thanks so much Kattie!!!

Third believe it or not, I actually managed to accomplish two more squares for my Victory Junction camp afghan.  They are based ( had to modify to get size) on smariek's diamond cloth pattern:


No picture currently of my second sock, which is going painfully slow as I'm only really getting 2 rows done each lunchtime because it's been so hot!!

Finally, my friend Thom has taken over The Muffed Target     So at least for now, I'll try playing along. 

Each Tuesday post a picture which is completely crazy, messed up, with nothing on etc, which normally you would immediately delete. It can be everything, like only shoes instead of the whole person, a blurred building or whatever you want. Then tell us the little story how it happened and what it should have been. Make sure you link by your post by signing the Linky Tools below.

Angie and I were making our way to the concession stands during the race at Pocono when they were interviewing Tony and showing it on the giant Sprint Vision screen.  I took a picture on my phone.  What I have discovered is I am much better off cropping pic's in iPhoto than on my phone.  The color and graininess must end up corrected on iPhoto and the resolution is better too.  I didn't realize this at the time and cropped a perfectly good picture into this crap on my phone.  PS I do love my phone - just not for cropping.


  1. LOl...thanks so much for playing. I really do appreciate it. You and Juliana were the only two :) HOORAY!!! LOL I can see why you wont crop on your phone. That is something it would come out looking like if I did it. It's excellent. I hope you play often. Thanks. Remember to sign the Linky if you want to. Beautiful patterns. I'll be anxious to see this when completed. :) Mmmm now I'm hungry. Looks good. Thanks again my friend :)

  2. well that picture fits the description of the game, thats for sure

    love your blocks , your gifties and the pizza looks great.

  3. Okay, that's a bad picture. I thought mine would be the worst, but we may just have tied! LOL!


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