Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ok, my family and friends are mostly slackers...

I have pretty much decided, that although Min is the only person to send me a copy of the picture she took, I need to post about Angie's move before I forget everything.  I may at some future date post pictures, IF I ever get any.

On 8.22 Sunday afternoon, I hosted a farewell/good luck barbeque.  (YES, it was an insanely crazy idea with her moving on Tuesday, but I came up with it at her graduation party.  And there was no NASCAR race that day.... I do have priorities you know)  Well mother nature saw fit to send in monsoon like rains most of the day on Sunday, but fortunately we have attended enough NASCAR races at Pocono Raceway to be used to tailgating in the rain.  SO out came the tents 


Tailgate experience

Despite the weather, fun was had by all - even her 2 fun-impaired aunts (Erica had half a margarita!!)

Monday, after we finished packing Angie and I went out for lunch at Panera's.  Even though she spent most of lunch texting, we did have some excellent conversations.

Mom, squares are serious

Angie then got a mani/pedi while I got a pedi (seriously no one but Lauren does my nails, except under extreme emergencies)  We had some girly giggling when they did the bottom of our feet.


Tuesday finally arrived, and we left a bit later than our anticipated 4am, but only by about 20 minutes.  (originally we were going to take ANgie shopping in Philly on Wed, but then discovered that the reason she had the first move in slot was because the Honors College had stuff planned for those freshmen all day on Wednesday.  So we finished shopping in NJ)  We took Curt's car, and curt's dad's truck.  Angie rode with me - because I really can't talk and drive, not coordinated enough to answer the phone.  SO that both vehicles stayed in contact, Angie rode with me.  ( She spotted a Braun's truck - that's my baby)  She was way too nervous/excited to nap, so we had a fun time.  Since every one who knows me IRL, knows I am seldom not attached to a cup of coffee, and it was no different on this trip,  and we hit the last rest stop before we left the turnpike heading for PA - Leaving nj

When we arrived, my friend Min, was already there.  The security guards were serious.  Before Angie had checked in or anything, they had us unload both vehicles to the side of the building and move the cars to the lot across the street.  ( curt had the bulkier things- so was back to watch the stuff before I was done which worked out well)   THey had giant orange commercial laundry carts, which you could use by giving them your license (like you were going to keep it)  By the time Angie and Min came back from check- in we had almost everything loaded into 2 carts except for the 2 rolling suitcases.

Angie was the first of her suite mates to arrive which worked out well as we had a bunch of her stuff on her roommates bed as we got organized.

This post is getting long, so the rest will be tomorrow ( trust me the funny is tomorrow so come back!!


  1. The freaking funny BETTER be tomorrow! I've been waiting a freaking week for it!!!!!!

    And I better not have sent you that picture for nothing! I was stealth about taking that baby! (Oh wait, that sentence sounds bad out of context, doesn't it?)

  2. How fun. She is so lucky to have you and Curt as parents. The part with her riding with you was a riot. LOL. I'm gonna have to send you some kona coffee. :) need an address however. :) can't wait to read the rest tomorrow. Monsoons and a lll.

  3. looking forward to the next installment !!

  4. wow! I hope she has a great time! Off to college! Time she spends there will pass by so fast.


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