Friday, August 27, 2010

Safe Journey Barb

 Barb, Angie and Lauren (the other fencing coach) 
at the Fencing Banquet.

On Wednesday, Angie's high school fencing coach and one of her good friend's mom, Barbara Lynch lost her fight with Ovarian cancer.  She WAS Morris Hills fencing and had a huge impact on the rest of the fencing world.   

Please spare aprayer or good thought for Barb, her family (especially Angie's friend Fiona) and all of Angie's former teammates ( many of whom, including Angie, just moved into college and have classes starting Monday, so are feeling bad about not being able to attend the service)


  1. sorry to hear about this loss, it looks like it has been just a god awful week all around. Which one was she in the photo. I hope you are doing okay, I have been thinking about you all week!!! Hugs, Me

  2. OH I'm sorry to hear this my friend. May Barbara rest in peace always. :) My thoughts and aloha are with the family and friends. Remember always the memories will carry on forever. Me Ke Aloha

  3. My deepest sympathies. I will have a good thought for her, you and family and friends...

  4. Prayers of comfort for her family and friends.


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