Thursday, November 1, 2012

Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  The CDC says:
*Every 17 seconds someone is diagnosed with Diabetes.
*Diabetes kills more people each year than Aids and breast cancer combined.
*Up to 1 in 3 adults will have diabetes by 2050.

So, in August, I became part of the statistics.  I got diagnosed with a form of diabetes.  I'm not a type 1 or 2 - because it's me - I can't be normal.  I have really low numbers.  I need to get them up and more stable.  (Who knew you actually NEED LDL - I always thought that was bad)

I have attacked this thing pretty aggressively.  Because while this can't be cured, it CAN be managed and I want to control it so I don't have to pop more pills.  I think the thing that really shocked me into action is getting a copy of my bloodwork numbers.  Granted I'm not a Dr, and I don't know what most of those things even are, but I am pretty smart and I can learn.  The report I got gave numbers in the "normal" range in black and those outside that range in  RED.  My report looked like I just massively flunked an exam.  This was a lot more concrete than my Dr telling me I needed to lose weight and exercise because my numbers were trending wrong.

I now have my own personal CDE, Joanne.  A bit crazy, but cool. She's also an RN.  I met with her, got a blood glucose meter, eating and exercise plan.  I then went to 4 weeks of classes given by her and another CDE that has a PhD in nutrition- and her dissertation was on managing diabetes with diet.   I learned so much about the way your body processes your food it is kind of mind blowing.  I then went to work trying to beat my liver into submission. (Yes liver - it's trying to kill my pancreas)

I don't know for sure how much of a difference I have made until my next blood test on the 24th (yes 2 days after my birthday and Thanksgiving... joy)  However, I had a followup with my Dr 2 weeks ago.  He was very happy with the numbers I had so far.  Today was my follow up with Joanne.  She was very impressed. (She had predicted that I would manage this well because of my attitude in our initial meeting and through the classes)  She was very happy with my numbers - and could even see where they started trending toward healing.

I have officially since August 1st lost 34 pounds.  AND  3.5 inches off my waistline!  

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  1. Hi Ria,

    Congrats, congrats, congrats! I went through a similar experience in 2010. I know the effort involved, though it is a very individual process. It takes so much time and thought, Congrats again! Hugs, Joyce


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