Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Gym Is Open!

Yeah, I never really thought I'd say that either.  After Sandy blew through here, the majority of the Borough was without power.  (we lost cable for a brief time- but I needed to catch up on stuff on the DVR anyway... I was just pissed because it went out during Monday Night Football - and the 9ers were playing) Well, yesterday the gum got power back and today it was open!  For most of the week, it was really a moot point - I was working a lot of hours so really didn't have the time/energy to hit the gym.  Thursday, I had taken a day off (pre-Sandy) for a follow up appointment with my CDE, and I really WANTED to go to the gym on the way home.  Yes, WANTED.  I had a brief anxiety attack - that all the workouts I've done since August would be nullified and my liver would start acting up again, she tried to calm my fears - but those of you that know me realize that was an impossible task.

So this morning, Curt and I headed for the gym (me getting this diagnosis is probably the best thing for Curt's health!  He's been going to the gym a couple times a week, and from my cooking changing he's dropped just over 10 pounds... rat fink)  I did 45 min on the weight circuit and 45 min on the elliptical trainer. IT FELT AWESOME!!  I have reached that point that I told my Dr I would. When I was younger and in shape, I was addicted to the gym. Not a gym rat or muscle head, but I get to that point where I need to work out at least every other day or I feel crappy.  Both my muscles and my brain want the workout.  I almost got there last summer - but then when Irene hit and work went crazy I only sporadically hit the gym, and by November I was really only half assing it, then it turned into I'd feel guilty when the gym charges hit my account and would go once a month.  I now have an extra incentive to work out.

SO yes, I'm very happy I can get back in the gym.

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