Saturday, November 17, 2012


I must admit that I'm going through some serious withdrawal right now.  Not from Sugar, Carbs or other foods ( I think I'm actually developing a sugar phobia) I am in serious need of some hockey.  The NHL is on strike. NASCAR is over, College football has only one more weekend left to play.  Hockey is supposed to fill this gap through spring.  I am desperately trying to convince my friends we need to take a road trip up to Albany to see the Devils farm team play.  High School hockey is starting soon - I may become the weird old lady in the stands with no kid to root for ( I still root for the Angie's HS)  I follow several players and ex-players on Twitter, I follow the Devils and the NJDevil himself , the mascot.  On Thursday several of them tweeted about a charity match between some Devil's Alumni and the coaches for the NJ Colonials the next day.  A $10 donation to the governor's wife's Sandy relief fund, a silent auction and bring some non-perishable food items for the Interfaith Food Pantry.  I called Curt - I didn't care if we had plans - there was hockey!!

I  ended up working late and being stuck in traffic ( how people can do rush hour traffic day after day and not turn homicidal I will never know).  I called Curt and arranged to meet him for a quick dinner at the Atlanta Bread Company in Morris Plains.  It took me an hour and 20 minutes to go 15 miles!!  Curt got there at 5 - thinking 45 minutes would be enough for me to make it - but NOOOOOO  I didn't get there until 530pm!!  Fortunately he thought to run into Shop Rite and pick up a few things for our food pantry donation while we waited.  Soup ( I had NE clam chowder - he had French Onion) and a yummy steak sammy later we were on the way.

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Not the greatest photo - I took it with my phone.  Some of my favorite players of olde showed up - Daneyko, Starkov, MacLean, Brylin, Dowd, Mullin, Marshall, Driver, Barr  (weird thing  happened - they got older?!  what's that about?) The Devil's coach DeBoer played as well (he and his wife came up with the idea and set it up in a week!)

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From what they announced at the end of the game - they raised $44,000 for the relief fund , and what seemed like a ton of food!!  And I got to see some of my favorite retired Devils play a fun game!

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