Sunday, November 4, 2012

I finished a sweater for Anna's spawn

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Not the greatest picture - I took it at night and my CFLs aren't great for photos.  When I find out if I'm having a little alien niece or nephew, I'll weave a blue or pink ribbon through the eyelet border.  If she doesn't tell me (and I wouldn't be surprised if I don't find out until the Christening) I'll weave a yellow ribbon through.

I used a yarn called PJs from Knit One Crochet Two.  It's pretty neat - it is basically a really long thin strip of flannel.  It did give off some lint from the cut edges while I was knitting - hopefully (or not.. not real concerned about Anna dealing with lint) the lint calms down after laundering.  I have a  skein and a half left over (88 yds per skein) I may make a cap and booties if I have time.  Not time until she has the baby  it's due in March, but until my NerdWars dissertation is due on Dec 28th.  I have to make another 2 sweaters and one of the sweater is already committed to a matching cap and booties.  All three sweaters are with inexpensive machine washable yarn, because a big part of me thinks she won't ever use the sweater and they will end up in Goodwill.  I'm mostly making them to appease my mom.

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