Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why don't I pay attention??

In the beginning of October (seems like a lifetime ago) I read a book review for "The Iron King" by Julie Kagawa.  Somewhere along the line (probably due to my weird love of Ireland, Irish Folklore and most things Irish)  I read enough Irish tales to develop a fondness for stories of the Fae.  So  I requested the book from my library and it was available pretty quickly. 

It took me awhile - in small snatches of time to read this book.  But I got sucked in to the lives of Meghan Chase, Robin Goodfellow (more commonly known as Puck) King Oberon, Queen Titania and Queen Mab and her son Prince Ash.  Meghan's journey to take on the Iron King as she learns that she is 1/2 fae - daughter of Oberon and learns to start to awaken some of her power.   Then as I finished the book , questions still unanswered, the last page was the "Don't Miss "The Iron Daughter" available blah blah blah.  I then looked online.  The Iron King is apparently Book #1 of the Iron fey series.  Yes it also says that on the cover - stop laughing at me Grace!!  There are 5 books and 3 e-novellas connecting them in this series!!  At least as of right now. 

So next time you wonder why it is I always seem to end up reading series fiction....

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