Tuesday, April 21, 2015


There's a guy at work, nice guy, mid 60's, works in garden, not really in my social group, but we talk once in the while when he comes over to use the computers at my desk.  He got a kidney transplant 25-30 years ago (don't remember exactly) now that kidney is failing. Some important number is really, really low, and he's been really feeling poorly for months now. He was on the list for a donor kidney.

There's a woman at work, works in kitchens, about my age-ish so figure between late 40's early 50's.  I really don't exchange much more than basic pleasantries with her.  She knits, but one project at a time, and has no stash - buys yarn for a project, then knits it repeat. weird, I know. No idea if she's married, if she has kids, I know is she loves Cooper Mini's.  Apparently she is a good match for Lou.  Since she is, she decided to donate one of her kidneys to him.  

They weren't really friends or anything, just two people that work in the same building, and speak when they bump into each other at work.  When my friend Chris asked her - she just said he needs a kidney, I have two.  I'm kind of (not sure of the word I'm looking for - confused? maybe?) at the (motivation?  reasoning? logic?) of her decision.  I'm 100% sure I wouldn't make that offer. (pretty sure that mine wouldn't pass anyway, with my health issues but still) I'd give one to Curt, or the Angie, or my brother without a second thought.  I'm not really sure if I'd even give one to family outside of them.  And friends?  There are maybe two I might consider... maybe....

It's hard to say exactly ( mind you I can't even donate blood for three different reasons on the blood donor form last time I checked)  I am puzzled?  One of my friends donated bone marrow  - twice - to strangers, but other than being sore for about a week, he grew more.  

I did donate to the fund the store is collecting for them ( the company will match what we collect) and I will say a prayer next week when the surgery is scheduled. 


  1. i so understand this, I grew up in a house that didn't believe in donating organs because they didn't think it was what God wanted. I had 3 cousins die of cystic fibrosis, now 38 years after their deaths they do lung transplants routinely, if they had been offered then would they have reneged? I know my health would preclude any donations too but if I could help someone in my family who would appreciate my gift I would. I have never even given blood and I should change that, it is probably the least I can do.

    1. I'm actually an organ donor---- for after I'm gone and don't need them anymore.


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