Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Garden update


My two kermits are thriving on the left, the tomato that shall beat my mom and father in law is doing great on the top left.


Some of the tomatoes and peppers are fine in the new pots I moved them to from their seedling pots a couple weeks ago - several need to be repotted again to bigger ones.. 


...the peppers on the left especially!   Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon?

After a teasing warm spell (I knew not to trust it, but I have panicked co-workers that did) it's back to being in the 30's at night, daytime high yesterday was 60.  I move all the plants outside if it is at least 50 when I leave the house, and then either Curt or I move them back in before nightfall.  I give them all pep talks while transporting them. (especially the tomato that has been designated to beat my mom and father in law.) 

I have planted rainbow chard seeds, and some herb seeds for the herb tower (discovered last year that the way it drains is not really promoting seed growth) and it's still too cold for them outside.  I'm waiting until the 2 weeks I have off in May to purchase cucumber plants etc.  I have some lily-of-the-valley bulbs to put in out front as well as 2 tricyrtis blue wonder (toad lilies!!!) they both like shade, so should do well in the back of the front garden (leaking gutter finally fixed so I can put stuff on the former waterfall line)


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