Friday, April 24, 2015

North Jersey's Diner culture is alive and well.

First, I should say that just off the top of my head there are 9 diners in  a 5 mile radius of my house, may be more there are main roads I rarely use.  There's another opening soon.  One of the local favorites, the Hibernia Diner, was closed for a couple months for renovations. The Horror!! People were forced to go other places!!!  Curt and his Thursday bowling friends had to go... 2.75 whole miles to a different one!  Seriously though, it's not like there is a lack of restaurants you could pick from, unless you were with Curt and his friends looking for food late at night.  I personally missed the Sedonna Eggs Benny for breakfast out.

This is the before shot -windows are different and there are neon bands going down between the windows - also the sign changed.

They re-opened on Tuesday.  The local grapevine went insane.  The Angie in Philly knew it had "finally" opened.  Even Curt knew it opened!!  Since I got off work at 8pm (ok it was more like actually 8:25) we decided we would meet at home and drive over for a late supper.  At 9pm they were "down" to a 30 minute wait.  Apparently at one point the wait was almost 2 hours!!  The wait staff and kitchen crew were clearly overwhelmed, we left after 11pm.

The old interior decor

Curt got the Breakfast Burger - Applewood bacon, pepperjack cheese, fried egg and hash browns with the burger supposed to be on french toast - he got it on a bun.  I got the Southern Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich (they have regular chicken and waffle not sandwich too Grace!) The waffle was the "bread" along with the strips of chicken was bacon, mango aioli, spicy slaw with bourbon raisins  and candied pecans.  

Picture of Tuesday night from the Angie's facebook she sent me.

I just realized, I took the pictures on Snap chat and didn't in the subsequent 24 hours save them to my gallery...   Guess i'' post photos next time I go... sorry,  before pictures were from the interwebs.

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