Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Read another 4 books

It's been 3 weeks - so not that impressive.  (couldn't figure out why I was "behind" in reporting - but realized I did a full post on the garden book and one on the movie I saw)  

 One really cool thing my library does, is they have a list of bestselling authors.  You can choose up to 10, and when those authors release a new book that the library is getting, you automatically get put on the wait list before the title is up for others to request.  Sometimes it takes awhile - but I really don't need to read it right as it's released anyway.   Last One Home is a stand alone novel by Debbie Macomber, other than my new annoyance at so many heroines being victims of domestic abuse -- I guess at least they all escape said situation, it was a wonderful book.  I do kind of wish there would be  a follow up book about Cassie's sister Nicole though. 

Two quickies - one in the Icicle Falls series and one in the Shelter Bay series:

And finally, another book from a recommended author Rachael Herron -- while it is a sequel to the How to Knit a Lovesong,  the characters from that first book are really in the background.

So even though I upped my reading goal to 40 - at about 1/4 of the way into the year - I'm halfway!



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