Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Heart of a Hero

Janet Chapman's Spellbound Falls series continues.

Nicholas, the mythical Atlantean warrior ( you'll never guess who his real father is! ) chooses to settle in 21st century Maine, inadvertently falls for Julia, a recently divorced 30 year old who doesn't want love, just wants to help her sister turn 18 and go off to college.  But seriously who wouldn't fall for a gorgeous  warrior who has six exotic cats?  and a Phantom horse??
To read what really pissed me off at the end is not a plot spoiler but a partial spoiler :

The one thing that annoyed the hell out of me - was that at the end Olivia is pissed about being pregnant again - and one of the other women remarks - you sleep with a wizard, you think a puny IUD is going to keep his swimmers from your eggs... To me that is sort of uterine rape.

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