Friday, January 8, 2016

I made empanandas!!

I got the idea from Brunch with Bobby, he made breakfast empanadas with ham and egg, with a piquillo pepper sauce.  No I didn't follow directions.  Well the piquillo sauce is almost how he did it.  I made two kinds.  A black bean filled one - where I used an altered version of the black bean layer of Flay's breakfast chimichangas from another show, added some cojita cheese and stuff to it.  Instead of ham and eggs like his version I had ham, chorizo, fire roasted peppers and corn, baby bellas (seriously I can work these into anything) some shredded mex cheese as well as cojita etc.

I brushed them with egg wash before baking them - made  a lot, so I froze some before baking - and when the Angie came home, I baked them straight from frozen - came out just as good!

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