Sunday, January 10, 2016

Two Books to start the year

The first I started last fall - took awhile to read because I think the writing was very late 19th or early 20th century.  And they tried to emulate an Irish brogue by spelling things all screwy. But as some of you  know I have a thing for All Irish, so I wanted to read the stories ( many literally fairy tales) I realized after getting the book from the library - that it was basically a republish of a old book by Yeats who died in 1939 - so yes it read old. None the less, I powered through and finally finished it yesterday, because I had run out of renewals and had to return it.  If you are looking for Irish folktales, I am pretty sure there must be a book out that is an easier read.

The next book is Spellbound falls #5.  For the Love of Magic by Janet Chapman.  Can the cultists create a new god?  Why did Rana run away from Titus?  Does Maximillian want Titus's job? Will Carolina/Jane marry Alec before the baby shows up?  WHO?? is that they are giving the police job to?  And Kitatlanta the Orca at sea Wolf on Land is around a lot.

I won't answer the questions for you, but the book does.  Yup, already requested #6!

This was supposed to publish on Jan 6.  

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