Friday, January 8, 2016

My favorite picture from Christmas

I apologize.  I scheduled a bunch of posts for the first week of January and somehow managed to schedule them for Jan 2017.  SO I'll post a  couple a day to catch up without killing anyone's feed.

Last year there were NHL onsies around for the Rangers and some other teams but not the NJ Devils.  This totally pissed the Angie off.  This year they made them for all the teams, and it was on top highlighted and bold on her wish list.  Shortly after emailing her list, her size was sold out at most places, so she was bummed.  What she didn't know is I had already gotten them for her!

She also wanted these knit over the knee slipper socks.  I got them too - and on Christmas eve, when her stocking was hung up- I told her it was in my room and I hadn't gotten to hanging it.  I then asked her  (all innocent like) if at almost 24 she was too old for stockings on Christmas eve?  Of course the answer was MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!! so as I had filled the slippers instead of her stocking I told her she couldn't peek and close her eyes and I would get it for her!  By brother probably heard her shrieking all the way in southern California.  No, I didn't take the picture, and I haven't gotten Curt's so here is the stock photo so you know what they look like.


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