Monday, January 18, 2016

Want to join Team Fraggle?

If you've known me awhile - you know I'm involved in NerdWars and Nerdopolis on Ravelry.  I'm captain for Team Fraggle in Nerdopolis.  We're a small, friendly, laid back team, main goal is not coming in last, life happens you know?  Sometimes projects don't get done on time - but an end of month deadline sometimes helps.. Signups for the next tournament (starts Feb1 ends Apr 30) run through the 27th.  Link for signups is HERE, you do need to be on Ravelry to play.

If you more do, larger longer time projects, Nerdopolis has the Summit Seeker challenge - you gets stars (points) for progress during a given month. If you have a lot of WIPs there is the Area 51 challenge - where following the theme is optional and you can submit 2 things for stars each month.  If you tend to volunteer or donate (stuff or$) there is a different charitable focus each month to get a star (donated stuff doesn't have to be made that month) There is even a section called The Lab - which is for non Ravelry specific crafts. Beading, painting, colouring, baking,sewing there are a tons of non fiber craft options to explore.  And then there are three challenges each month, which get answered with a Rav sanctioned project.(knit, crochet, spin, dye, weave)  You can get one star or the max 5 stars (there is a badge for over 5 stars- but only 5 count for the scoring)

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