Friday, January 8, 2016

Stuffed turkey breast

I didn't get a good picture. But basically, I saw Mario Batali make a stuffed turkey thigh on the Chew, I saw Michael Symon make a stuffed rolled something and Bobby Flay did something on one of his shows.  It was the holidaze season and I didn't pay close attention to any of the recipes, but made my own version - that came out really really good.

In a skillet, with olive oil cooked down some (chopped up) spinach and (small diced) baby bella mushrooms with thyme, tarragon and sage - added some garlic near the end so it wouldn't burn.  Then I let this cool. After it cooled I stirred in a lightly beaten egg and some whole wheat panko - over working this will apparently create a rock in the center (don't remember whose advice this was)

Took a boneless/skinless turkey breast and butterfly cut it open and then pounded it until relatively even. Lined the cut side of the turkey with prosciutto. then spread a layer of softened Alouette garlic and herbed goat cheese, finishing it off with the spinach mixture.

I then rolled it into a log and tied it up, sprinkled some salt and pepper.  Seared it on 4 sides in a hot cast  iron skillet, then added turkey stock, covered it in foil and stuck it in an oven until done. The oven was about 400degrees - my oven isn't entirely accurate - need to use a thermometer for desserts- for about an hour.

Let it rest, sliced it up - thinned the stock that was left in  the pan with some fresh stock over low heat a few minutes with some more garlic, thyme and sage for an au jus kind of gravy.

This was supposed to post on jan 2.

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