Monday, September 8, 2008

I mailed my squares!!

My 5" squares. There are 26 of them. I switched to the 5" for 2 reasons. First,I had some small rolls of assorted color yarn. Second, with everything going on recently, I just din't have the attention span for a 10" square this weekend.
My 10" squares, there are a total of 15 of them, the last bunch finished while curt was in the ER.

Here's an update on Curt. He's feeling a lot better. I'm sure the rain that came through Saturday night washed a lot of junk out of the air. And the weather has been nice and cool and dry, which helps his breathing on a normal day. That antibiotics also helped a bunch (turns out he had the same infection that killed my sinuses in his bronchial tubes)
He's a bit mad at me, because he didn't tell his dad about it - not because his dad would worry, but he didn't want to get yelled at - how sad. but I know how he gets around bowling, especially since this past Saturday was the first week of the new season. So I just asked his dad to keep an eye on him.. Holy SH**! You would have thought I betrayed State Secrets to Bin Laden or something. Geez.

Saturday night while Curt was bowling, Angel and I ordered in sushi. Angel originally wanted to go to the movies, I just didn't want to drive unnecessarily in that storm. It would be just rain for awhile then it got crazy for a while etc etc. We were kind of bummed, because we were going to try a place by Salem st, that we never went to before. Their menu said they delivered so we figured perfect! Well, the phone was disconnected. sigh. So we went with the place in the Boro that delivers. Apparantly we don't order delivery from them enough, because they have a new menu and have assigned different numbers to the various items. I told Angel to get the lady to tell her what everything was as she gives the order, but does a 16 year old listen? NOOOOOOOO! So we got the most bizarre dinner ever. it turned out well though, as except for 1 item, we never ordered any of the stuff we got. So it was like an adventure. We actually liked a few items enough to start ordering them, and hate to say it but will never order anything with salmon skin again.. then again I'm against all skin on food anyway so I guess that was inevitable.

On the sports side... bad bad bad weekend. my 9er's gave away a game they should have won. The Mets lost to Philly friday nite. Tony came in second to Jimmie Johnson. And if West Virginia had won ( I mean East Carolina? Really? They're ranked like 100something) I would have won 1000 on a $5 ticket. I guess that's how those guys make a buck. Oh well. also Dallas won - hate being around Moe when that happens. The Giants did well, sigh. I can only hope Denver wipes the field with the Raiders or I may have to take the rest of the week off!

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  1. Your squares are fabulous, are you just using scrap yarns or are they all from the same kind of yarn?


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