Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some saturday!

So I guess all those people who said the Large Hadron Collider was going to cause a black hole and end the world as we know it, can go hang out with all the rest of the "world will enders" I wonder if they got anything good yet? Weird huh? Looking for the universe inside instead of outside the planet.

So onto more mundane things. I went into work for 2 hours to train a guy who had "20+ years running lift equipment in warehouses" I hate training people like that. They think they know everything ( how can they, when I do? LOL) And either they don't get the safety rules around other employees and customers. Or they can't deal with our narrower aisles, stuff sticking out into the aisles etc. Well this guy has obviously never run anything with a pantograph. couldn't get the hang of extending and retracting the forks. also he did ok in the wider aisle, but he wants to get all lined up before going in the pallet and our aisles are too narrow for the most part and so you have to turn into the pallet. and he had a lot of trouble remembering the three sets of buttons. Now one of the "perks" of being a lift trainer is we practice dropping stuff in my department. So rather than the other trainers that just drop and lift the same pallets, we pack out my holes. Well I knew it wasn't good when I got on the machine and moved a skid before I let him drop it. And the last skid I was going to drop, I left up. Then he acted all surprised when I told him I'd try to get one of the other trainers to schedule another practice session and then we'll schedule a test. ( sometimes another trainer can get through to someone, plus everyone has a slightly different way of explaining things. So we rotate the people who don't pass that session to another trainer) he thought he was getting a license. Then he got mad at me for being a perfectionist. hello? the reach is the most likely machine to hurt someone. I'll take that as a compliment!

I got home, it wasn't raining, so off to the tennis team's car wash. I was definitely wishing I wore shorts! And NOT a black t-shirt! Every member of the team was supposed to sell 10 tickets for $5. I took angel's tickets to work and sold them to people who weren't ever going to drive to my town ( I live 22 miles away, average distance for our associates - 3.5 miles) I actually sold a bunch of them to the tractor trailer drivers who deliver my stuff. One guy from florida, a bunch from south and central NJ. The one garage/towing place in town showed up with a wrecker. he paid $20. then he came back with another! Then later on, He bring's a flatbed (not sure how much he gave them for that).

Picked up pizza for lunch, then dropped angel back at school for the football game. She went with a bunch of her friends to the mall after that to get shirts to decorate for spirit week. After which she went to her friends to decorate them. Curt went bowling, I've been playing with the laptop since then.. I'm starting to get hungry, guess I'll find something to make in a bit. Angel was going to need a ride from her friends house to the movies to meet some other friends, but decided to stay put. None of the usual channels that show brit-coms are showing movies instead, so there's nothing on.

Mikey's on a date, dave's at his in-laws down the shore, matt's working at the hospital, so very sad saturday night for me.


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