Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mom's Playing Hookie!

Ok, not exactly hookie, but close. I will admit I get an itch when I have accumulated more than 3 sick days. Mind you I haven't actually called out in years. I either schedule a personal day, or I go in for 2 or 3 hours and leave by 7am. So, since I've been unloading the carpet trucks and that sometimes keeps me a bit late, I figured I'd leave today at 7, and use 4 hours of sick time. BUT apparantly, the other 3 trainers are having issues training. ( Mind you right now I'm doing my job plus half of 3 other jobs plus unloading 3 carpet trucks a week.) So there'a a guy working part time nights and weekends who has an OSHA warehouse license for lift equipment. But, it's no good in retail ( I think if someone runs over a customer they would rather I get sued then Osha. ) so I told them if they bring him in at 5am on saturday I'd spend 3 hours with him. - I'll still be home before the rest of my house wakes up - sad isn't it? Then to top it off, I was BSing with the carpet driver and left late yesterday. So this morning I went in at 4, took care of my orders and counts did about 1/2 of a weekly report and left. I was home before Angie or curt were dressed. Made breakfast and ate with Angie.

So looking at the whole day ahead. And what do I do? decide to take all the blankets, comforters and fleece throws to the laundromat to wash.. And hey, since I'm there i brought the rest of the laundry too. Everything went ok until I had to fold it all. Ugghhh. I didn't get out of there until 12! Then i went through the car wash, I wanted to vacuum the inside too, but I didn't have time.

Got an iced carmel macchiatto. then headed to Livingston for my nail appointment. Why drive so far you may ask? Not environmentally friendly you say? I DON"T CARE!!! i haven't broken a nail in 3 years! (knock on wood or fake wood, not sure what this stand is made of) Lauren is expensive ($35 for a fill but worth every penny). I also got a 45 minute massage from the most gorgeous guy I've sen in a long time. He was a sub, and I guess a few women cancelled their appointments 'cause of his amazing guyness. ( Yeah , I know he's probably gay, but I can deal) he was amazing. I keep all my tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back.... I'm like gumby now. I have to find out where he gets a job (he's looking- he was subbing for his sister who is the regular massage therapist) And I got a pedicure. yes , almost 3 hours of bliss.... sigh.

I stopped at the Livingston farmer's market. The pesto and dip guy hasn't been there the last 2 times. i was very disappointed. He had the best artichoke pesto and goat cheese sundried tomato spread. Yum. I did get some jersey cantalopes that were bigger than a bowling ball, and a small seedless watermelon. i got a pack of figs for Curt.

Came home just in time for the Schwann's guy's delivery. it's always a surprise to see what curt and angel add to the order. Angel apparantly added chicken bacon ranch flatbread melts that don't look bad at all, but curt added breaded prok cutlets? what is that about? hmmm.

So I'm still on a spicy kick. So Spicy blackened chicken alfredo for dinner tonite. And I roasted some poblano peppers to toss over the salad.

I still have an hour before Curt is home and 2 hours before Angel gets home so, I brewed another pot of coffee, have GAC videos on and I am about to sit in my new reclining couch and work on my lacey anklet sock.

I'm thinking about training 3 hours on saturday like once a month so I can do this more often.


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  1. Good for you, sounds like you made the most of your time off!!


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