Thursday, September 4, 2008


I started posting this yesterday, but right after I put the pic in, I had to drive my Husband to the hospital. He couldn't breathe, was sweating a lot. Having the biggest asthma attack of his life. Thank God he is ok. What I really thank God for is that in order to take the above picture I had brought my bag inside the house. So after I took out all the finished squares, I hung the bag with yarn and the hook from the newell post under my purse. So I grabbed it on my way out the door. I drove his car, because it was already cool from his ride home from work, otherwise the 4 knitting bags in my backseat would have been no good to me in the ER. We were actually in the ER from 4:30 until 9pm last night. I would have gone nuts if I didn't have any yarn to play with. I must say, the Dr and the 2 nurses were fantastic. The respiratory therapist they sent down had the personality of a dead flounder. They gave him 3 shots of steroids in his drip tube, and gave him the pipe looking steamy thing twice and the mask steamy thing 3 times. He wasn't even blowing 125 when we first got there (don't know exactly what that means, but apparantly it was bad.) They kept making him blow the thing and weren't letting him go until he was over 300 (which apparantly is still bad, but not life threatening.)Link

Oh, the squares are the ones I made over the weekend at the "dustbowl" NJ Motorsports Park at the Gran Am / Rolex race. I'll post on that tomorrow. The squares are for the Victory Junction Gang camp afghan competition I've mentioned before. Speaking of my plan to use my yarn I'm not really into anymore for the afghans... I just mailed out 3 sets of ball bands for Sonny and Shears Bust your Stash Coupons.. For any knitters out there who don't know, If you send 2 pounds (32 ounces) of ball bands, of any brand yarn purchased anywhere, Sonny and shear will give you 10% off your next purchase. There is no limit on how many of these 10% off's you get. You can even be a new customer. I've only bought sock yarn from them, but they have really nice stuff.

I got my new couch today. it is smaller than my old one, but hey, dual recliners on the ends YAY!. The deliver guys called and asked if they could come early, which worked out great, 'cause I got to take curt to his follow up appt with his regular Dr. Apparantly he had the same sinus infection I got. And it triggered the attack. So he's on antibiotics and the dr gave him milder steroids to take after he takes all the predi something the hospital gave him. We then went out and had lunch at the Townsquare diner. we were going to go to travellers but apparantly they are closed.


  1. I didn;t know that about the ballbands, if you had anyidea how many I throw away.

    Yes Travellers went out of business, the highway improvements cut them right out.

    Hope Curt is still feeling better, I had a wonderful time this afternoon and thank you for the yarn!!!

  2. I hope your husband is OK. I have asthma so I feel his pain! I actually own one of those pipe looking things and get this, I inerited a mask from my nephew so it looks like a dinosaur. Nothing like being humiliated while not able to breathe.

    I think I found your blog two years too late, I used to work for one of the big race wheel companies (road racing) and did some travelling. It is amazing how many friends you aquire when they hear I come with all access track passes. Tony Stewart once knocked me flat on my bum on the Grid at the Rolex 24 in Daytona. Unfortunately, I left to pursue a new career and at this point could only help you with a sick horse.

    The squares look great!

  3. I hate asthma. I have it, though not bad, but it just sucks! Your squares look really good. I cannot wrap my head around knitting a granny square :) Maybe that's the problem...hee hee Try using the hook instead, eh?


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