Sunday, September 21, 2008

What did I make this week?

There was a bakesale at work for the holiday party. I normally don't attend ( it was from 9pm to 12 pm near work last year. I live 25 miles away, get up at 2:30, and if I wanted to bring my husband it would cost me $50. Mind you the party cost $25 a head, so if you bring a guest you pay for yourself too? ) So I don't normally don't participate in the fundraisers either. ( I'll buy something if it looks good, but I don't usually make anything) Anyway, the woman who basically runs receiving, is in charge this year ( chairperson from hell transfered to another store). She asked me to bake something because not enough people signed up. So I looked at what I could do, with minimal shopping. I ended up making black forest no bake cheesecake. ( very easy - chocolate no bake cheesecake with chocolate chips and diced cherries from cherry pie filling. topped with sprinkles and a cherry from the filling. I have every imaginable form of red sprinkles as red and white are my daughter's school colors. Quick tip to make the graham crust taste homemade? brush with egg wash bake at 400 for 3-5 minutes.) And below, carrot cupcakes. (carrot cake mix with a handful of shredded baby carrots, a can of crushed pineapple, handful of shredded coconut, raisins, and chopped pecans. mixed canned cream cheese icing with some vanilla extract - gets rid of the canned taste - yes i cheat, and fall sprinkles) Gotta say, people at work need to get out more. I had SOOO many requests for both recipes- my standard response is it's really not hard (truth) and I just throw in handfuls (truth) so it's hard to give a recipe (ok lie).

I made 2 crocheted amigurumi penguins for a MSN knitting and crochet swap. I'm becoming more of a crocheter it seems. I think it's because crochet seems to go so much faster than knitting. I still like knitting better. It seems softer, has a nicer hand and texture, and I like doing it more. but for projects on a deadline, I am confidant enough to pick up a hook. Now don't get me wrong, thread crochet is just never going to happen here. Neither is lace crochet. But penguins were fun! I am also sending a set of stitch markers that are almost done. I bought those new gourmet m & m's - they are made about 15 miles or so from here. I may add some coffee if I get to Denville before the post office, and maybe some Jersey Girl chocolate bars. Will post a finished pic tomorrow. I actually already got the box my partner mailed me, but I never think it's fair to peek before my box is in the mail.

Tony's starting 33rd. Arrgghhh ( yeah there's a bit of pirate in me every day) He was all like they worked more on race setup and the track changes a lot during the course of the race etc etc. BUT it's a mile track. He better get through some traffic so he doesn't end up lapped before the first caution. He better avoid being the first caution. Killing me, they're just killing me.

At least the 49er's don't play until 4:05. So by halftime the race should be over. i'm serious one day trying to watch an early football game and the race at the same time will cause an actual brain implosion. The lions, I'm hoping we could take the lions. Anyone not wanting to root for the 9'ers but wanting to help me out can root against the raiders. if they win this week, I won't be able to take a break all week, cause Carmen will be insufferable.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I LOVE the penguins. They are so cute.

    have a good one!

  2. Ria!

    Dang you got after it--- love your little pies and cupcakes. I am a huge cupcake fan- well sweets in general. LOVE your penguins! OMG they are so cute -never thought something would have such sweet faces! If your swap doesn't go so well... I will be your buddy. ;-)
    Now if you knit sweaters for them in your team colors???

  3. Penguins!!! Squeee!!!! I love them :) Black Forest No Bake Cheesecake! Double Squeee! Sweet mother of all things good, and I bet those are :)


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