Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meme from Athena's owl

Alright, now I was innocently reading some of my friends blogs the other day. And Min had some kind of meme where she just wrote the answers. And I'm an answer, with parenthesis saying because of my TLV (Tony Love virus) So naturally I need to know what the question was. ( I think this is how one get's sucked in) So I had to go and ask her for the questions, which means now I have to do the meme. So I am telling you ahead of time, if you don't want to do a meme STOP READING HERE!!! Otherwise it won't be my fault when you want me to send you the questions.

1. Athenasowl
2. shante91
3. no one
4. bookfaerieknits
5. Girlwithneedles
6. Samsara
7. needles54
8. no one I know now - I have changed a LOT
9. Cjhunt68
10. kitchener
11. smassa
12. dancingdiva
13. dancingdiva
14. clairek
15. cjhunt68
16. curtisf
17. me
18. dancingdiva
19. jinniver
20. nataliemarie
21. athenasowl (we still need to get together for sushi)
22. smassa
23. mannym (ok he is my boss)
24. no one
25. smassa
26. cjhunt68
27. smassa
28. don't know what that means
29. cjhunt68 ( don't tell curt)
30. please no one get mad enough at being listed or not listed to consider #24!


  1. call me a sucker but send me the questions And yes I will be there Tuesday!!
    And the wink wink----cute!

  2. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but I guess I experienced Epic Fail.

    I had suggested coming down my way between Thanksgiving and Christmas and maybe you could also get some holiday shopping done while you're down here. Assuming that you celebrate any winter holidays for which presents are purchased.

    And if you don't celebrate winter holidays for which presents are purchased, please pardon me; I don't mean to assume that everyone does and I certainly don't mean to offend.


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