Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week in Recap

Rough week. Monday, went to Angie's tennis match. Then there was a meeting at the Library for her trip to Ecuador next summer. Simultaneously was a meeting of the fencing booster club's exec board. Still trying to figure out how I got on that. So Curt had to go to the Library. There were a lot of things that we really can't figure out without answers from the coach. which we currently don't have. So it was a lot of what ifs. At least we thought we got our schedule set. ( the next day we were told one of our meetings was the night before Rosh Hashanah which is actually the start of the holiday. why don't calendars mention that??) Anyway, I got home at 9:30. The Eagles/cowboys football game was on. Now I categorically can't stand any Philly team on principle. BUT I HATE WITH EVERY CELL IN MY BEING the Dallas Cowboys. So I had to root for the Eagles. Ugghh. Now really both teams were playing to lose, but the score kept going back and forth. I kept saying I'd go to bed as soon as the eagles took the lead. But then Dallas would have a big play. I ended up going to bed at 12:30am! Mind you I have to get up at 2:30.

Thursday was back to school night. What a different experience from what my parents had. Angie is one of those kids whose reputation precedes her. She does live up to it- good kid- prepared- hard worker- helpful- teamplayer- etc etc. (None of those were even close to the rep I had - and lived up to) She's got her work cut out for her this year. 4 honors classes, 1 AP class, gym, tv production and brit lit. And she on 3 varsity teams, and in Project Lead, and the varsity club and fccla( a service club)

Friday, Curt picked up Buffalo steaks at Whole foods. he had a ribeye that was almost a pound, and got 2 strip steaks for Angie and I. Angie wanted to go to her friends house to work on her Pre-calc t-shirt ( her school seems to make a lot of t-shirts) so curt and I had a great romantic dinner. Dead animal, sweet potato and beans. Honey Porter beer and Black Lager. It was really nice. One of the perks of Angie growing up is more time for us.. Of course then i get sad thinking it's only 2 more years to college.

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  1. Sounds like Angie is a kid to be proud of! I was a good kid in school, but that went all to hell after I graduated. LOL

    The dinner sounds wonderful, makes me hate my recently acquired single status. OK well maybe only a little, I am still man-hating, at least for now.

    Tell Angie good luck in school this year! Sounds like she has her work cut out for her!


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