Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sunday, Curt and I went to the ARCA/REMax at New Jersey Motor Sports Park. we had a great time. Justin Lofton ( my replacement for Dexter) did great despite limited road course experience. As he passed us in the last lap he made an awesome pass for 2nd, but something must have happened after (damn road courses) and he finished 6th. He goes against the rule of if you suck Daddy can still buy you a ride. Daddy may be his main sponsor but he's tied for first right now and has a lot of talent.

Lofton's car

Lofton's Car

justin Lofton

justin lofton

Kimmel's car

Frank Kimmel's car and crew

sheltra's car

patrick Sheltra's car and crew

ali needs help

Angie feels better that Ali Owens needs shifting reminders.

ali's dash

Maybe Ali should look into a post it note sponsorship.

Ali needs garmin

Or maybe GaRMIN??

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