Sunday, September 6, 2009

Every Way Wrap

lustra - burgundy

When I was in Philly last month, I bought 8 skeins of Berroco Lustra, a peruvian wool, tencel single ply worsted yarn. I originally bought it with some silver and black yarn and was going to use these two as accents (Tony's car's colors) but was kind of vague as to what I wanted to make with it. I then got my Fall 2009 Interweave Knits and absolutely fell in love with the Every Way Wrap



So yesterday, I hunted down my size 9 circs and cast on. the color of the yarn is gorgeous. More like the second picture than the first. I like the sheen that the Tencel gives the yarn. I've always liked single ply yarns for whatever reason. My only complaint with the yarn is it does pill a little as it is being knit and inside the ball two strands get stuck together and needs to be untangled. Hopefully there won't be a lot of pilling in the finished wrap.

every wAY WRap

every way wraP

I really wish you could reach into the screen and FEEL it. it has wonderful hand feel!


  1. It sure does look pretty :)

  2. thanks! Hopefully it will look good on me when done!

  3. beautiful and you got so much going alread---how are the cable charts to read, I have never cabled from a chart so it should be interesting!!!

  4. I've actually got 3 charted projects going - they aren't bad - but if you do the wrap - go online and print the errata - the key in the magazine is wrong.

  5. Beautiful yarn! That pattern is unique. Your wrap is going to be gorgeous.

  6. That is going to turn out so beautifully!

  7. Ohhhh I can't wait to see your progress on this. I have been considering knitting this as well.

  8. I'm hoping to be done before my needles disintegrate!

  9. That is so gorgeous! I wish I could feel it. It looks so soft! ♥


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