Monday, September 28, 2009

Knitting updates

I realize the only 2 posts I've had in the last 8 days have been the quiz results which auto post on Mondays. I'm sorry. I really haven't been up to posting. Between physical therapy, Angie's stuff trying to figure out what jobs to apply/interview for when my job position ends on 11.23 I just haven't felt like posting. I've done an equally horrible job at keeping up with my favorite blogs. So, I'm here, breathing, living and now posting.

Here are some knitting updates:

My Every Way Wrap is 25 out of 59 inches done. At this point, while I haven't given up, I am kind of dubious about it being done by Rhinebeck. I did about an inch today at lunch, but really can't do much knitting in the evening after PT. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better evening!

every way wrap

The Member of the Month in my dancing dishcloth swap received her package so it is safe to post now-

September swap

cables and lace dishcloth
I just mailed the package for my spa swap partner so no pictures or hints at this time!!

I know I have said in the past that I don't do Mystery KAL's. I think in the entire time I've been knitting I May have done 3, and they were all dishcloth/ potholder type KAL's. But my friend Jody had let me know about Sharon Dreifuss's Mystery Bag 2 KAL. Sharon designed the dumpling bag in Interweave Knits I made last year, she is also the designer of the LaPorte Ave Tote in Fall 2009 Interweave Knits, which I'd like to make. The mystery bag is another felted bag. The yarn kit for the KAL was very reasonably priced (although optional - but I really didn't have time to drag Curt around to help me match up 4 yarns for an unknown pattern) and I loved the color choice for BOLD. so I signed up and ordered it. I still have to wind my yarn, which I received last week before Wednesday when I get the first clue.

mystery bag#2

The yarn on the left is actually a silvery grey, the multi colored yarn is soooooooooooooooooooooooo soft, I don't want to knit with it, I just want to pet it.

I got the weirdest titled PM the other day on Ravelry - it was OCT MOM. I was like octomom? why am I getting a rav pm about octomom? It was actually the October Member of the Month in my dancing dishcloth swap. The OCT MOM is grace!! How cool is that! I'm going to have a great time finding the perfect pattern to make for her!! It's so much more fun when you know the recepient well.


  1. How nice.

    There's an award for ya HERE

  2. The every way wrap looks great. I love the yarn. I hope you have fun with the mystrey kal.

  3. Looks like you've made a lot of knitting progress -- although I know from personal experience how hard that is to do with a shoulder injury. Don't over do it! :)

    Keep us posted on the job search.

  4. Ohhh the wrap is going to be so pretty. I so want to go to Rhinebeck someday. Perhaps we can plan a meetup for 2010 Rhinebeck? Wouldn't it be cool to meet and knit together at such a wonderful event?

  5. I never thought about being the octomom well I will settle for oct mom!


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