Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Work tomorrow:(

I have to go back to work tomorrow.  LE SIGH.  Of  course if I had to go back on Tuesday, I'd just be sighing tomorrow.  Life got back to normal this weekend so the transition isn't as abrupt.  Curt bowled and Angie went to her friend's birthday party yesterday.  This afternoon the Giants lost ( sorry about the snickering Curt) and Angie had a fencing clinic.  I'm not quite sure if the clinic really teaches her anything, but any extra practice is good right?  Although she almost took off 2 different kids non-weapon hand when it drifted in front of their torso.  You'd think they'd learn not to do that with her. While she was fencing we went down the road a bit to JOSE TEJAS - a really great restaurant with  a bit of schizophrenia. It's menu is pretty much split between mexican and cajun food.  I went Mexican with a Margarita and seafood enchiladas.  Curt went Cajun with a Hurricane and chicken/sausage etouffee. We did get Angie corn and black bean empanadas with black beans and rice to go.

The 49er's won!  WOOT!  Next year baby, next year...  I'm currently watching the Cowboys/Eagles game underneath the Tony Stewart snuggie my father in law got me for Christmas.  I really hate Dallas, but I categorically root against any given Philly team.  So whenever Dallas plays the Eagles I end up in this real dilemna of who to root for.  I have a lot of trouble NOT rooting while watching a game.  I have decided that my absolute hatred for all Philly teams trumps my hatred of the Cowboys.  So I am rooting against Philly.

It was really cold (19 degrees not counting wind chill) when we got home and snowing pretty hard.  It'll be really, really cold when I head off to work at 330am. Rough weather to go back to work.  But I'm hoping it won't be too horrible, after all I should get a carpet truck to unload ;P  Angie has a home meet against a school they haven't fenced before - they redid the conferences this year  so wishing her luck ( she has skill - she says - but luck never hurt any athlete)


  1. we went to Jose tejas on new years eve, tom had the Chimichurri Steak and a margarita (2 who is counting, and I had the Seafood Enchilada's and Iced tea---we also had the shrimp and crawfish quesadilla and brought half home

    Today Jeannie john and debb came for an early dinner, chicken parm homemade gnocchi and corn we had a very good time

  2. Well sorry you have to go back to work..pffft. Some of us have had to work all through the holidays. Poor us...LOL. I can't stand Philly...simply because of Vick...WOOT..NASCAR next month :) Go Jeff baby :) I don't know how you all put up with those temps...too COLD!!!!!

  3. I feel your pain at going back to work. I have to go run payroll at a client tomorrow then go to a new client to work with Quickbooks. Have I told you how much I hate Quickbooks?? I'm a Peachtree Accounting kind of gal. ;)

  4. yeah all good things come to an end. Back to work for me too. Although I worked all through the holidays too! I don't like Philly or Dallas either. I can take all the cold but just don't want the snow or ice.


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