Saturday, January 2, 2010

Been knitting.

Yesterday and most of today has been spent inside, with a hovering husband.  I did run to the post office to mail an "angel" package - an "angel" is someone who sends out a swap package, when someone flakes out and doesn't hold up their end of the swap leaving someone else without a package.  It was an easy swap.  A Creepy Cute crochet without extras.   This was a little bit different as the person did mail a package from England in November.  The recipient loves the devil, and I had made a few, I mailed one out along with some chocolate hand cream, and 2 bars of Jersey Girl chocolate.

I spent most of yesterday and this morning knitting ( what a surprise).  I made an earflap hat, that is finished being knit, but the earflaps need to be sewn on.  I'll post a picture  when it's finished, but here is Curt trying it on for "hair" before it was seamed.curt's new hair?

I also finished except for weaving the ends and blocking the right snowflake mitt.
outside mitt
palmside mitt

And I'm just about done with a yellow bulky yarn hat as well. ( I'm knitting 3 hats for the January Hattrick in my Puck this group on Ravelry)  I also joined 52 in 52 on Ravelry.  The goal here is to craft 52 things in 52 weeks in 2010.  That averages 1 per week.  So if get 2 1/2 things done this week, that averages out later when I know it will take 3-4 weeks to do my mystery shawl later in the month.

Back to work on Monday!  Hope everyone enjoyed the week!


  1. do you know you can pick up stitches and knit the ear flaps right on they are easier then sewing them on. But maybe its entirely different from mine that I have done

    Would love a copy of the mitten pattern, they came out really great!!!!

  2. Your hat looks great on your model. I love the mittens. 52 in 52 you are a brave woman. Yes it is back to work on monday. I am sure I will have a long day monday.

  3. YAY for you!!! the hat looks great and the mitts are gorgeous! great work! Sounds like you are ready to rack up the FO's for 2010♥

  4. A hovering husband...LOL...The hat looks good and every time I see that hand...OMG...I sound like a broken record here but what you could do with that WOOT!!!

  5. Back again...can you email me your anniversary date? Might as well send your birthday date also. The relatives that have birthday's I just leave a comment...but you know me and my blog for those that follow it for birthdays and anniversary's LOL :) Mahalo

  6. Oh wait...I think I have your birthday. I remember doing that. But I dont' know if I put it on my you might as well send it just so I can double check


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