Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unseen ramifications of losing Food Network -

I realized this afternoon, that without food network on, I start surfing the web more on my laptop, play online sudoku , and this is starting to interfere with my knitting!!  Grrrrrr.

On a lighter note - had lunch with Grace at Mara's - sort of - Grace had tea, I had coffee and soup.  But we knit and chat for a couple hours.  I of course forgot to bring my one finished mitt or my two hats, yet I tease Grace when she doesn't bring show and tell (hers is nicer anyway)

Was forced to eat pizza hut for dinner (yuck) because Angie's fencing team had a fundraiser - if you handed in a coupon they got 20% of your order ( blech)  had the fencing booster club meeting - we are sooooo chasing our tails this year ( the president resigned the first week of practice, and nothing had been set in motion because everyone was on hold for the meeting that never came to get stuff approved)  but it's starting to come together.

Gotta go to bed - nite!


  1. ACK..no knitting poor thing. I love pizza. mm mm good :)

  2. My mom would have nothing to watch if we lost Food Network, and I'd have Alton withdrawl.


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