Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sorry for the Silence.

Sorry, I haven't posted for awhile.  I'm been running around like a nutcase.  Angie had 3 meets this week, there was a booster meeting, I ended up working a bunch of extra hours at work - why take vacation if you have to put in crazy hours before and after?  Friday we went into NYC - more about that tomorrow,  There are 2 huge state wide tournaments one for boys, one for girls this weekend.  You get the picture - in between, I did have lunch with my friend Grace, had dinner out with "my boys"  and there is the never ending laundry, grocery shopping, keeping the house civilized ( no Grace our tree is still up)  ACCKKKKKK!

I have gotten a bunch of knitting in in this new year though.  I'm halfway done with my 2nd red & white snowflake mitt.  I put that aside temporarily, because all of the sudden my January knitting filled up!  I had joined  a KAL ( knit a long) .  It's a mystery shawlette with beads, by the same designer as my Autumn and Dumpling bags.  I've never done knitting with beads before, so I sucked Grace into the project and ordered my kit.  The knit a long starts on Jan 17th, so still no problem.   I have my dishcloth of the month group - I finished that earlier in the week ( no pics until the recipient gets it though).  I then signed up for a valentines day swap, It has to be mailed out by the end of the month.  OK, that's cool.  Then I decided to join the january Hat trick in my hockey group.  Still ok, I have 2 hats done ( and my first pom pom ever) and one more to do.  Then Grace has a swap on her blog.  I can do this so I signed up.  Everything was still ok.

Then last week, a at this point secret emergency came up, requiring a couple items to be knit up fast.  ANd I started getting nervous.  That's why I haven't been blogging much this week. 

My first pom - pom!

Earflap hat in 49er colors

Roll Brim hat with Super Chunky yarn!

So to recap.  1 1/2 gloves done - on hold until other projects are complete.
                    dishcloth swap - done, will mail tomorrow - no pics until received
                    hat trick - 2 hats done, 1 to go by 1.31
                    emergency projects - done, mailing out tomorrow
                    valentines swap -casting on (starting) tomorrow
                    grace's swap - haven't got a partner yet
                    Shawl KAL - haven't got kit yet, starts on 1.17

I am hoping to finish the 2 swaps by Friday.  Then if I work on the hat at lunch at work, and the shawl at home ( don't want to be dragging beads around)  I can work on my mitts, at Angie's meets the last 2 weeks of the month!


  1. What a busy beaver you are my friend. No worries that you haven't posted, with a schedule like that I'd be in the loony bin LOL..well maybe I'm there now. Love what you knitted. They are nice. From one Loon to the other Have a great week ahead :)

  2. definitely been busy your partner is going to be Georgi Wellington in Colorado, I will send her info tomorrow

    I came home today in the middle of the call but whispered to Tom I was still out (his old friends from 20 years ago---and I feel like leave the past in the past) then I am fighting a cold so I slept most of the afternoon went to my sisters for dinner and trying to play computer catch up now.

  3. wow.. that is pretty busy.. The hats are cute and so are you♥


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