Sunday, January 31, 2010

Racing Yay!!!

The wait is over - racing is returning!  yay!  This weekend had the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona.  Grand Am racing is more Curt's thing than mine  - although I had fun the last 2 years in South Jersey when they ran.  I just have a few issues with 2 completely different kinds of cars, that go 2 completely different speeds being on the track at the same time.  But by now, I'm so jonesing to just hear the revs of a racecar engine that I actually caught myself watching snowmobiles the other night!

Last night was the Camping World West ( kinda like the minor leagues) Toyota All Star Challenge from Irwindale in CA.  Other than Joey Logano hogging the spot light it was a good race until I fell asleep- lulled to sleep by stock car engines- what could be sweeter?

Then this afternoon, Joey (again geez)  won gold and Melanie Troxel from Drag racing took silver at the Bodine Bobsled Challenge.  It's really a great fundraiser to support out Olympic Bobsled team.  The Bodines started it after they found out that the US team was buying sleds from overseas and not necessarily getting the top of the line.  They now manufacture the sleds used by our team in this country.  Racing celebrities from all manor of racing show up for the 8 days of the challenge and really out it out on the line.  The funniest thing this year was a hat Logano wore that made him look like he had Boris Said's ( road racer)  hair!

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