Thursday, July 21, 2011

I HATE Water!!

That is not good when the heat index is 115, and I work outside.  And have a history of heat exhaustion.  I do try to hydrate before going to races and sporting events that will have me out in the heat all day.  But a string of really hot days can wipe me out.  I've been trying to drink more - I've been adding a splash of juice or a  squeeze of lemon to water to make it more drinkable.This is not too practical when I'm not home.  I've been having a vitamin water with lunch (in addition to my coffee) but it's too many calories to drink more than one in a day.

I have to be really careful of artificial sweeteners.  They can trigger migraines.  If I'm going to someone's house that uses them I take some med's first, but I can't use them regularly.

The other day  I found Crystal Light Pure in the store.  It said no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavors.  But it was only 15 calories.  I read the labels.  They use truvia ( made from the Stevia plant) mixed with sugar.  This intrigued me, as stevia can have a weird side of the tongue taste.  The little bit of sugar seems to avoid that.  I bought the lemonade.  (As a warning I don't like strong or sweet lemonade- gee thanx grandma - my lemonade is more like a half lemon squeezed into a glass of water with a splash or simple syrup)  It was a bit too strong/sweet, but half a packet works well into a bottle of water.

This still only helps with a bottle or two, but it's a start.  

Today, I left work an hour early to grab Excedrin and an hour's nap in the ac.


  1. Have you tried Vitamin Water Zero? Zero calories.

  2. We had a problem with water when we moved from a hard water area to a soft water one. WE found bottle water or chilling water made a difference. It takes a week to get used to the change Good luck :O)

  3. Have you tried carbonated water? I have a friend who hates flat water but can drink unlimited carbonated water. Good luck staying hydrated!


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