Sunday, July 31, 2011

Knitting Update

First -  My friend Grace is on Twitter!! Yay!!!  (does the Happy Dance!)

Hey - my post actually starts with a reference to Grace!  Cool Co-incidence?  Anyway- if you check out Grace's blog LovinComfortKnits  You will see she has been on  kick to knit monsters.  Cute monsters mostly if not all (sorry Grace - sometimes it's hard to keep up - you knit faster than my brain processes information) by Rebecca Danger.  I have shown some of them to Curt, if he happens to be sitting by me when I read her blog. As Curt watched me knit these:


He thought I was joining Grace knitting monsters.  In fact, he thought he knew which monster I was knitting.  If any of you watched Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network (don't remember which) in the 90's before all the really crappy shows came on you may remember a show called "Aahh , Real Monsters"  It revolved around a couple of monsters attending Monster School - and having to scare people/pets for their assignments.  One of these monsters was Oblina - the female monster.

For the record, I am not knitting siblings for Oblina.  I am actually knitting Alan Darts Chess Set and these pieces seamed together will be the chess board.  Although Curt seemed kind of disappointed that it wasn't her that I may make one for his birthday in November.

I am knitting the set for NerdWars on Ravelry. To get the 50 points for midpoint check in I needed to be at 50% by yesterday.  I posted the picture for check in at 1100pm.  So I had a whole hour to spare!  So I kind of need to hustle because now I need to knit 32 pieces by Aug 31.


  1. I know you have a friend named Grace who knits who is different from my friend named Grace who knits (who I only know from Rav since she lives in Texas). But "my" Grace has also been knitting a lot of Danger monsters lately!


  2. i do love my monsters and they are rebecca danger, some of the other items like Gladys are other designers. Tom loves peering over my shoulder and seeing what every one is knitting!


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