Sunday, July 24, 2011

I once read somewhere

That the Japanese are more into gadgets than any other nationality.  Ever since I have been using this excuse with my husband or anyone else when I am drawn to purchasing a gadget.  After all I am half Japanese, and I need some way other than sushi to connect to my roots right??  The Angie follows directly in my footsteps.  She can actually be worse than me at times.  If she didn't get rice for a few days when she was younger, she would tell me her rice tummy was empty.  That since she was part Japanese and part from Louisiana she needed to get rice semi regularly...  Green beans & spaetzle for her German side.  Cheese for the French side. ... You get the picture.  One of her most coveted gadgets was the Magic Bullet.  As she will be living in an on campus apartment this year, she revisited the desire to have one.  Also she hinted at wanting a rice cooker.  While Curt and I were out shopping yesterday, we got her the Magic Bullet at Costco and a small rice cooker/steamer at Target.  When she came out to help carry stuff in and saw these two, she let out a squeal that I am sure shattered several windows in the neighborhood.

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  1. Whereas I refuse to buy a rice cooker on the theory that since I'm Asian I can cook rice without the aid of a gadget. lol


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