Friday, July 22, 2011

I know why I'm sweating!

A small rant here.  When I left work the temperature on all the thermometers was 102.  This was raw temperature not the heat index, which I am sort of glad I didn't know.  When I got to work at 4am, the temperature was 89 and was actually worse as far as humidity went.  I actually had a problem trying to catch my breath when I first went outside.

Since my partner Paul and I aren't totally stupid, we tried to get most of the actual physical stuff that had to be done early.  Especially those areas not protected from the sun by the overhang.  The night crew were of no help, they decided it was too hot and didn't bring the stuff that was out behind the building inside.  So Paul and I had to.   Only the same night crew blew the hydraulic fitting on the smaller forklift that fits in our aisles.   The other machine that lifts pallets can't go outside.  So we needed to run everything in with one machine and put it up with another.

So yes.  I WAS REALLY HOT.  I was already aggravated.  Why, seriously, why did half the store feel the need to come outside and say some version of "Wow, it's really hot out here!  Aren't you hot?"  I came really close to killing some of them.  I mean, No!  i had no idea it was hot!  This explains why water is pouring out of my body!  I thought I had spring a bunch of leaks!!  Thank goodness you came out here to tell me this!  &^*&#%^!@%  head.   AND to the second question - it's one hundred and freakin two degrees in the shade not taking humidity into effect.  YES I"M REALLY FREAKIN" HOT!  DUMBASS!!

Rant over.... for now.


  1. I totally sympathize!!!! Drink lots of fluids!!!!

  2. Drink lots of fluids? Wow. I wouldn't have thought of that one either!

  3. Give them the Counselor Troi award for stating the bloody obvious...


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