Saturday, July 2, 2011

Knitting Update


My family & friends like to play board games.  Hell I even drove to Philly for a board game party.  (OK, it was really to hang out with Fe & his mousies.... shhhh).  When there aren't many of us, and the tv is on while we play (Curt is a tv addict, the world is too quiet when it's not on)  we often play on a tray table.  

We (everyone but the Angie) also enjoy a nice cold beer while playing.  The problem with really cold beers, is condensation.  The moisture gets on cards, the board, your fingers.  I know, if the condensation from my Smithwicks is the biggest problem I have on a Saturday night, I'm doing pretty good.  Coasters help keep the table and board dry, but do nothing to keep your hand dry.  Not to mention they fall off the table.   The solution??  Beer cozies!  I used a self striping yarn ( Universal Yarn's Cotton Supreme Batik- awesome yarn knits like kitchen cotton but it is SOOOO soft) so each cozy is slightly different, because it is clear from how fast my bottle empties that other people are obviously drinking my beer!!





  1. Nice job! My grandma drinks her beer in cans (yeah, I know), but if she used bottles, I'd make these for her for a Christmas gift.

  2. Love these! I wish I could hand knit. I have 6 knitting machines, but don't use them much anymore either :)


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