Friday, July 8, 2011

Knitting Update

I just updated my 52in52-2011 group post on Ravelry.  I am now at 27 started and finished projects in 2011, so I am exactly on track for 52.  This actually makes me slightly behind as I am going to be making a heart shawl for my sister and future sister in law for their weddings at the end of this year, and those will eat up time.  But fortunately, NerdWars on Ravelry leads to some smaller projects so there is hope I will make it.

I finished my pink fingerless gloves started in May:


With some of the leftover yarn I made the premie cap I wanted to make for Nerdpoints in June but didn't get to.  I am mailing it out to AC Medical center tomorrow anyway - hopefully will make a baby warm and happy,


As I mentioned earlier - NerdWars leads to some smaller projects.  This one was an answer to sometimes It's fun to be a Villain.  My current team "Meeples" is based on boardgame nerdery. (Since BBT is on hiatus for the summer I switched to another team.  I'll be returning to team Bazinga for tournament 3 in the fall)   For boardgamers, one common enemy/villain is the damn timer.  So as i couldn't find a pattern for a 3-D hourglass I got out some scrap cotton yarn and a crochet hook and guessed.  You can see why I stick to patterns ;P  You can't see from the crappy picture but the glass itself is made from sand and white yarn- it's an almost empty timer.  Maybe I'll try taking a better picture tomorrow.  I also used this for bonus unity points. Our team unity project for this round was to make a game piece.


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