Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just seeing how this works.

I got the Blogger app for my phone to see if it helps me blog more.  A lot of days, by the time I get home, I have too much to do and/or I'm tired.  Of course, if Grace would get Twitter, it would make my life a bit easier.

Today is my father in law's birthday.  My SIL told my husband she wanted to take him to dinner tonite.  Then, there was an issue because the kick off meeting for their bowling league is at 4 or 5. (how early was she going?)  So now it's 11 and I still have no idea!  To top it off I haven't gotten my rental car yet, so its more complicated.

Update on the car. I'm making the Angie deal with the insurance company.  I also made her call Robbie's and have the car towed to Robbie's .  My friends want to know if its to teach her to deal with stuff or because I don't want to.  The answer ....yes.

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