Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do you remember?

Those of you old enough to remember the 60's and 70's ( Ok I only have 3 distinct memories I can say were definitely from the 60's) Will remember Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.  Marlin Perkins was the host - who talked A LOT.  And his sidekick Jim - who got to wrestle with and take on all the wild animals.

 I will admit to a slight crush on Jim.  There didn't seem to be any animal he couldn't handle and he was so sweet with the big cats cubs.

 I really loved when the Muppets spoofed the show:

 Now, I know you're all (well those of you still reading) are wondering why I'm going down this road.  Many of you know that when my old position ended on Mar 1, I went to outside Garden.  Most of it (other than the people other than Paul who work there) was pretty good, we had a terrible start to spring, but managed to catch up and even surpass all our numbers.  I still work 4ish to 1-2ish.  

Some days are slower than others.  I have gotten to know a lot of the urban wildlife.  I have learned about the structure of pigeon flocks.  The alpha pigeon we have named Ballsy, because he is very bold.  He's flown at me a few times - I ripped one of his feathers off once.  He his friends - a pigeon as big as a chicken we call carmen,  the 2 mafioso birds.  I have even realized that the pigeons that hang out in lumber do not mingle (at least in the store - I don't know where they go outside)  with the garden birds.  I was in lumber and the birds are totally different.  (This job is turning me into the bird woman of Alcatraz)

There is a drainage pond out back.  Earlier in the spring 2 goose couples were there with their 4 goslings.  I discovered that geese babysit for one another.  Because sometimes I would see all 4 adults with the babies, and sometimes only 2.  @ of the babies were clearly younger than the other. 

The other day, there was a white egret fishing in the remains (deep puddles) of the pond.  I'm constantly trying to get rid of the mice, there is a family of chipmunks that live in the wall behind the mulch that connects us to Staples.

And now, we have found (in back of building materials -not my dept)  that there is a mama raccoon and her three babies.  One of the babies is really dumb, ditsy and confused.  Mama and 2 babies run out the back fence climbing head first down the chain link, one goes sideways, ass backwards, across, back up.  Then ran back and forth for over 10 minutes before crossing into the woods where mom went.  Apparently couldn't find mom because an hour later we saw her in the shrubs we sell.  And then climbing over the arched roof that protects the plants, and then eating the bird suet cakes


She's not afraid of people - she only moved aside when we shook the box at her.  I'm knd of concerned about rabies - because it was definitely daylight.

Yesterday, I saw her trying to eat the organic lawn fertilizer -


And around 1230pm I saw her climbing the i beam that holds our roof up.  Like I said - nocturnal animal - i don't know if she is rabid or just really, dumb.  And if she can't follow mom she isn't learning anything. 

I decided to name her after the most ditszy person I work with - the dept spv of indoor garden.  So she is Darlene.


  1. If they start frothing at the mouth run! Amazing story and I do remember.

  2. Just as long as you don't name the raccoon "Frothy" I think you're ok...


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