Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Knit updates.

Here are my last 2 entries for Round 2 of Nerdwars.  The deadline was Sunday.  First was for the challenge where you had to cross into another nerddom.   I made a potions box cover.  I decided to send a box with various herbal teas, homeopathic remedies, herbs, Zicam, Airborne etc.  When the Angie got strep right before finals, at home in NJ I had the perfect teas etc. that would have made her life easier while the antibiotics did their work.  But the key to these is starting them right away, not waiting for mom to ship them.  So this way she will have some of my core stuff, and if she gets sick I can tell her what to take.  I used a double layer snap-loc container with a handle.  I crocheted a fitted top - there is supposed to be an owl cable on each side,  but I never cabled in crochet before and I don't think they came out that good.  I knit a cabled owl applique to put on the center.


The white owl ties into Hedwig - Harry Potter's white owl.  The box tied into the Angie's life because Temple's mascot is the Owls.

For my challenge project on mythology- I   used the greek goddess Athena. (thank's Min!)  Athena is often pictured with an owl , and amongst other things Athena is the patron of weapons.  My daughter fences on the Temple club team, and uses pvc pipes cut in lengths as blade protectors.  She drills 2 holes near the top and uses a mini bungee through her handle/hilt to hold it on.  Originally, I was going to knit a long tube as well to create a sabre cozy, but I ran out of time.  Then, when I needed to take a picture on Sunday night, the Angie was out with her friends until well past my bedtime, so I used her plastic sword from her Dance Competition production number about the civil war - For the Glory.




  1. Love all the little owls and the potions box! The Angie will be thankful to have it next time she needs it. :-)


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