Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene that Biatch!

SO we are still dealing with Irene here.  I'm not complaining. Much.  We kept power through the storm and the  windstorm afterwards.  One tree out front lost a branch but it went the other direction, and we had n water damage.  Kept our cable, internet and phone (well I can't promise about the phone - I never use it)  

The problem is that both Curt and I have to cross several rivers to get to work.  You remember the song "over the river"  Well for me its 

Over the river and through the woods
to the big orange box I go;
Route 80's the way, I go out and play
Before the early morning glow!

WEll, Irene dumped a lot of water and the rivers all dumped into the Passaic which didnt crest until this morning.  The rivers have all been overflowing their banks some of them are 10 ft above the flood stage.  When they flood they have no compunctions about where they dump the water - and roadways are a frequent place for the water.  (As a funny aside - I had a texting convo with C as it took him my entire 31 minute lunch break to pass my store's parking lot- and then by 1230 he had to give up on his delivery and turn around anyway!)  So the off ramp I take to get to work is closed and I had to detour.  then going home??  This morning for the first time, the DMV flooded.  Route 46 gets closed pretty regularly- but never before the 46/80/23 split.  I actually walked onto the highway and took pictures!

46 west
46 West - the way I usually go home.  

46 east
This guy found the only way to travel 46 from the East

So- I am having a ton of trouble getting my trucks in.  Since receiving only works from 6am to 12am - I have to go in at 3am tomorrow to unload 2 trucks, because the vendors can't find drivers willing to deal with the traffic until the roads open.  AND  I MAY NOT GET MY CARPET TRUCK!!! THE HORROR!!!

When I finally did get to 80West  I had no problems after the first mile getting around the closed 23 exit - but I really felt bad for the eastbound traffic - today it was only stopped for 10 miles. Yesterday it went past 20 miles!

But hopefully now that the river has crested and it has been sunny and breezy the water can go down!

On a lighter note - my friend asked me if I thought that cats had their own emergency preparedness list.  The answer is clearly yes:

A. Make sure treat bag is water proof.  B. Stare out window. C.Realize that the zip loc that makes it waterproof makes it impossible to open without thumbs.  D. Stare out window. E. Curse fate. F. Do head count periodically on mousies.  G. Stare out window. H. Realize you can't sleep while ur mousies may be in danger. I. Stare out window. J. Begin moving mousies to ur peoples bed. K. Run around agitated- it may get u a treat & u need ur strength. L. Realise the best place for a mouse is where ur person will roll on it. M. Rearrange as necessary.N. Stare out window.O.  Watch your person totally take their thumbs for granted.P. Check to make sure your person closed treat bag correctly.Q. Realize a yes means you can't get at the treatsR. Stare out window. 


  1. Oh sister just say it as it is...she's a BITCH!!!! ROFLMAO Loved this.

  2. Hi from NYC.

    A bitch of a storm indeed! Hope you're doing better by now. Good post!


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