Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last night we went to the Sussex County/NJ State Fair. Two things kind of confused me.  First, how exactly do you deep fry KoolAid??  Personally, I don't like KoolAid - the red velvet funnel cakes or deep fried oreos would be tempting if it wasn't soo.... fried.  And second- how do you judge hay?  The blue ribbon is first place, the green ribbon right next to it was 5th place.  they look the same to me.



And I was trying to get this guy to look up for his picture, but he was being unco-operative.


And of course there was the demolition derby.  A guy from my town came in 2nd in the feature! Totally brings out the redneck in the Angie.  My phone died so I couldn't take any pictures.   All in all red neck bliss! 

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