Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unplanned yarn.

Friday evening, Curt and I decided to go on a quick day trip.  This was inspired earlier in the week when Krissie and Ryan Newman's date night turned into a trip to Bass Pro Shops.  I believe the closest Bass Pro to me is in Harrisburg, PA - about 3 hours away I think.  But a mere 2 hrs + away is Cabella's.  I love Cabella's- and there is a Cracker Barrel right across the street.  Curt needed some unmentionables because I threw a bunch of his away recently.  So, he wanted to head to the outlets outside Lancaster on Route 30 (not the ones in Reading)  These outlets are just about around the corner (ok long corner)  from Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA.  So our plans were made.  The Angie had already made plans for the weekend down the shore with her friends.  It was just Curt and I.

We left at 7am, figuring we would get breakfast around Allentown.  All the way to Bethlehem, there were those signs about what food was at the next exit.  Just before Bethlehem, was even a sign for Waffle House, but I didn't pick it (he drove I had to pick) because we were still some miles before Allentown.  Well, then Allentown came and went. And went, and went, and went.  I don't think any of these people eat breakfast out!  (ok,  there was Mickey D's, Burger King, and the Wendy's served breakfast- but yuck, I don't do them)  So, when Curt saw a sign for the Midway Diner he picked it.  It was a typical truck diner - and I had a lot of fun eavesdropping (although if they talk that loud it shouldn't be considered eavesdropping) on three pretty loud drivers sitting at the counter.  One driver had a dog that was working on exterminating Groundhogs.  Since my father in law is currently losing his war against a groundhog that likes his garden, they caught my attention.

found the pic on line.
When we got to Kitchen Kettle Village we stopped at the Lancaster Yarn Shop.  Not a really big LYS, but they had a section of locally raised,spun dyed yarn.  How could I resist??  I needed some sock yarn that would be a stretch from my usual choices for a KAL that starts tomorrow of Honey Badger Socks.   I found Crab Apple Yarns.  Jubilee.  It was way more than I would usually spend on yarn, but I really loved it.


They also had a sparkly yarn - not sure what I'll make from that.  Revival.


Without the Angie - Curt had to be my sampling partner in the jam shop.  We ended up getting 13 jars, a spicy pickle, watermelon rind pickles for my FIL, sugar free apple butter for my mom, 2 things of peach salsa, pineapple jalepeno I plan on using with pork or ham. and 7 of our usuals.  Then it was the smoke house, love the smell in there for cheee & sausage.  I showed amazing restraint by skipping the fudge store.  I realized some time ago that I like buying fudge more than eating it!  The leather shop also is on I never skip.

From there it was on to lunch - but that is a whole post in and of itself!

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  1. 13 jars of jam!! Wow, and the yarns are beautiful, sounds like a great trip!


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